I did my very first QHHT session with Dr. Janna Fond. I felt very safe and had a good experience. I wanted help with emotional healing and the session proved to be very helpful in accomplishing that goal. I plan to do another session this year.

Julie N.

San Mateo, CA

A friend of mine had an amazing QHHT experience. I thought I would check it out. Having no expectations or deep knowledge of what this was about, I was open minded and eager to explore this opportunity for deep healing. The events of the recent past; difficult divorce, too much alcohol, weight gain, anxiety, swelling in my legs, out of shape and lonely. I figured one of these many issues might get a touch of healing. Janna greeted me with a hug in the waiting room and an authentic embrace welcoming me into this healing process. After sharing experiences in my life and where I was and where I hoped to go, we transitioned to the hypnosis. As an anxious person, with wounds, and doubtful l I could heal, I was hopeful, but also quite nervous my subconscious would not participate and call ‘foul’. Well…it worked. The afternoon after my session I was exhausted, coming out of a fog, and my being was crystallizing into a woman with clarity. A fog literally had lifted. Some of the shockingly crazy things —I had NO interest in having a drink come the bewitching time of day I have always associated with ‘cocktail hour’. Not only was I not interested, but when I realized the thought had not entered my mind, and I thought about wine, I had a strong aversion to the thought. One other shocker, I have had chronic swelling in my right leg for months. We addressed this during my hypnosis. By bedtime, it was GONE. Two days later, it is still gone. Janna is a very special and fifted soul. she truly guided me to find the wounds and understand paths for me to truly heal myself. I am so happy.

Susan, MD, MBA

Palo Alto, CA

I came to Janna in July 2019 with not much expectations. By then, I had been on a 3 year journey of a series of health issues that have been affecting my home and work life. I had become chronically anxious, depressed, infertile and pessimist and my son had been diagnosed with autism. I was stuck in many ways. I had visited many doctore and hadn’t found yet anything that could radically help me and my family. I had a 5 hour session with Janna where she explored my background into details to help her gain clarity for the hypnosis that she would do after. I had prepared a list of questions that I wanted to get answers to, so we used 3 hours to discuss them as well as my life and past. Then we got into the hypnosis which took about 2 hours and I traveled into the my past, present and future. Janna was incredible at inducing me into a deep trance which then took me to the hypnosis. I was able to visualize current issues and solutions that was so incredibly revealing. Towards the end of the hypnosis, Janna took some time to get answers from my higher self. This was the most insightful part of the entire session. Finally, she asked my Higher Self to heal the parts of my body that needed help. During these minutes, I felt intense heat in those parts. It has been a week since the hypnosis and I have been feeling physically and mentally lighter and sharper. I wake up with energy everyday and I have a much more clear mind. I’m also much more focused on the things I need to do and I felt a bit of progress in my life since a week ago. I’m very grateful with Janna for her time and dedication. she really gives her best during these long hours.


San Jose, CA

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