Frequently Asked Questions


QHHT® sessions are conducted in person with strict privacy.  A session takes 4-5 hours or longer.  They are an intensive session.  I will devote the whole day to you and your session.  And you only ever need a single session.

Before the Session

In the days before your session it is important to write down all questions you have for your Higher Self.  During the beginning of the session we will have time to make sure that we have a full understanding of the intent of your questions prior to the hypnosis.  The goal is to have all of your life purpose, emotional happiness, and physical health questions answered in a single session.

During the Session

You will be shown an appropriate experience during the QHHT® session by your Higher Self.  Your Higher Self knows everything there is to know about you, the life you are living now, and all other lives or existences.  Your Higher Self will share only information that is appropriate at this time and is of benefit to you.  It is caring and protective in the QHHT® session.  Some people describe a feeling of immense power and immense love when in contact with their Higher Self.

Your Higher Self has the ability to identify any physical or emotional problems it detects and explain the causes, be they from your current or past lives.  The Higher Self is then asked if it is appropriate for healing to occur.  If appropriate, healing is done instantaneously with no other processes needed.  Very often, simply understanding why discomfort is being experienced is sufficient for it to be relieved and removed.

You will be in hypnotic state for approximately 2 hours.  This part will be audio recorded.

Here are some suggestions I provide to help my clients have the best experience.

  1.  Set the intention to connect with that Divine part of you that holds all of the information, wisdom, and healing. You can do this by saying the following prior to falling asleep, just as you wake up, or anytime during the day: “I communicate easily with my Higher Self”. If you meditate do so prior to coming to your session.
  2. Bring a list of questions that you would like to have answered. You can list your questions according to importance, #1 would be the most important question you want answered. Often people bring two lists, one with their personal life questions and the other with health concerns. Write or print out your questions on paper, not on your phone. ​Your questions can include career, life purpose, relationships, family, health, finance, dreams, or an experience that you would like more information about. ​
  3. Avoid alcohol the night before to help you have a relaxing session. If you drink a lot of coffee or green tea have a cup early in the day. It’s best to drink plenty of water the day before your session. The day of your session sip water prior to arriving and it’s important to hydrate following your session. Eat something before your appointment and then you can bring a snack and water for after your session while we discuss your incredible experience.​
  4. ​Sessions typically last 3-4 hours, but can go as long as 5 hours. Your QHHT session consists of three parts. The first part of your session is where we talk and review your questions. The second part is your Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and the third part consists of a discussion following your QHHT Session to highlight information you received during your hypnosis.​
  5. Following your session, it is important that you take it easy so that you can process this beautiful journey.​
  6. I will record your session for you. After your session I will send you a link to download the recording of your session. The link will be available to download for 1 week. ​
  7. Parts of your QHHT session might be crystal clear immediately following. It could be like a dream that you think you will remember all of it and then it quickly starts to fade. This is why it’s important to listen to the recording following the session to absorb and process the important information you received. Do not listen to your recording while driving as you may become distracted.​
  8. All QHHT sessions are strictly confidential. Please come to your session alone. Since we have no idea what your SC will bring up, I don’t allow anyone else in the room during your session.  You, of course, are free to share your recording of your session with whomever you like – once you know what was covered.  If someone is driving you they can drop you off and return to pick you up when you call or text them that your session is over.​
  9. Please watch Dolores Cannon’s short videos and the video by my wonderful colleague Suzanne Spooner which has essential ‘Tips for Having a Great QHHT Session’.

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